We empower you to live the life you love by removing physical barriers and pain without; wasted time, medication, injections or surgery.




T-Zero Physio began in 2017 as a physical therapy practice in Denver, CO with the original intention of changing the "status quo" in healthcare. Dr. Kevin DeGroot realized through several years of working in general PT practices that healthcare in the US is far more interested in making money than in improving the lives of clients and patients. As insurance companies "squeezed" from the top, clinics, providers and subsequently clients would feel the brunt of a system that isn't as focused on health as business metrics. 

Within a short time, it became apparent that the mission of T-Zero needed to reach much further than the Denver metro area and at that time the Triathlon Injury Support Group was formed. That group has since gone on to serve people from all around the world via online and Telehealth services.

Although serving the triathlon world through that group was helpful, there was still something lacking as there was no ongoing partnership with clients to help them achieve the transformations they're seeking.  That’s when the T-Zero Coaching Platform was developed and now has coaches in each discipline of triathlon (swimming, cycling, running, nutrition, mental health)

The final realization was that T-Zero could no longer be just about Triathletes and needed to expand to serve other populations as well. We realize that the needs of each that are also looking for quality healthcare to help them reach their goals. Dr. Kari Chappell was brought on in 2019 to help further the mission of T-Zero to remove barriers from clients lives and empower them to do inspiring things. 




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