Dr. Shannon Merriman


I work with strong women who are unwilling to accept the idea that they have to live with the pain and complications of postpartum and pelvic floor concerns. 

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“I’m sorry, I don’t know what is going on. All your test results are normal.” That was a statement I heard several times through my time as an athlete in high school. As an avid runner, I had to battle through frustrations and despair with injuries that either left me under-performing, or sidelined. Being someone who could help get athletes back into the sports they loved was something that motivated me. Making sure other people did not go through a similar situation is  what made me want to be a physical therapist.

During grad school I was finally able to put a name to the pain that had plagued me throughout my high school running career. Beyond that, I began to learn about the pelvic floor and made connections to limitations and pains I had assumed were unique to me. When I realized I was not alone in my symptoms, a light bulb went off in my head. I knew that I wanted to help others with these symptoms and began gravitating towards a specialization in pelvic floor dysfunction.

When I speak to patients that have spent months, years, or even decades dealing with pelvic pain, I am happy to be someone that can help them see that it is not something they need to live with and accept. These feelings only grew as I had my first child and saw first hand the importance of getting access to this type of care.

My own personal journey with pelvic floor physical therapy as a specialty has been woven with my own personal experiences. My goal is to continue to seek answers, and not just accept symptoms as normal, despite how common they may be. I am a mom, and also an ultra runner, and can understand how hard it can be to get back to doing the things you love.


"I recently reached out to T-Zero for help with my achilles heel. I had strained it backpacking, injured it more by running on it too soon, and was approaching a 5 day/40 mile trek in Peru that I was starting to panic about. Kari was amazing to work with! She obviously helped a ton during my PT visits, but she also sent me home with exercises, stretches, and tips for the present and the future. And she eased my mind, as I was worried I couldn’t do anything on it, and that just wasn’t true. I was almost back to normal by the time my Peru trek arrived! I kept her tips and advice in mind during the hike, and everything felt fine! I was even the first of a group of seventeen to the top of a 15k foot mountain pass! Thanks to Kari and the T-Zero team for getting me back to normal! "

Julie H

"I highly recommended T-Zero Physio. The team that work and operate it are very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I personally use Kari there and would highly recommend her too. So far Kari has proven herself to be an excellent physio and has completely transformed my life again. Previously before finding T-Zero I had to give up a lot of my sporting activities as they were causing too much discomfort. Kari has resolved a lot of my discomfort to the point I have started to return to various sports now including running. Thank you Kari and keep up the great work!!! "

Gareth A.

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